Please help us congratulate Shirley Loftin on her retirement!

Shirley joined Action on 01/11/2010 as a payroll clerk, and for the last 10 ½ year, she has helped us all out in one way or another, many times over.

When asked about her future plans, Shirley responded that she is excited about retiring and ready to begin her new chapter with her husband Johnny and son Sean. Together they plan on hitching up the camper and attending all the blue grass festivals they can fit on a calendar! In between the festivals, she wants to travel to the ocean, taste the salt and look for miles at nothing but blue. Shirley also mentioned she wants to work on some projects and crafts that have been long unattended, such as sewing and painting. (BUT, Shirley did say the first 2 weeks included nothing but sleeping and not doing anything at all!)

Shirley said she has thoroughly enjoyed the time she has spent here and will miss a lot of people. But mostly, she will miss taking care of the guys out in the field.
In closing, Shirley’s words were, “My life experience has touched their life experience.”

Shirley, I wish you the best that life has to offer! I hope you taste the beautiful ocean and spend countless hours with your family and sisters. WE all will miss you at Action every day.

Robin D’Onofrio