Apprenticeship Program

We want to welcome you to Action, Inc.!
We hope you are asking yourself, “Why would I want to work for Action, Inc. and join the Plumbing Apprenticeship Program and how does the program work?”

A little bit of Action history:

Action is one of the largest Mechanical Contractors in Arkansas and the surrounding regions. It was founded in 1981 and has been in the Mechanical Contracting business ever since. We have five locations: our home office is in Barling, AR, and our surrounding offices are located in Maumelle, Jonesboro, Rogers, and Tulsa, OK.

How does the apprenticeship program work?

    1. 1. The apprenticeship program is a 4-year program. Successful candidates will be hired as a full-time employee where they will work for us during the day and attend school in the evening. Classes can either occur one or two nights a week, depending on the school.
    2. 2. The schools are structured much like high school. Each year has two semesters; fall through December and January through April.
    3. 3. You can earn a total of 80 hours per semester, with a total of 160 hours annually. (Make-up time is available.)
    4. 4. After completing four years you would accumulate the 640 hours needed to test for the Journeyman Plumber License. This license is issued through the Department of Health from the state of Arkansas and Construction Industry Board from the State of Oklahoma.
    5. 5. While employed with us, WE WILL PAY 100% OF YOUR TUITION, BOOKS, AND APPRENTICE LICENSE!