At Action Inc., we provide the installation and maintenance for all types of HVAC equipment and systems. Each type offers different components that best support your building. We are committed to helping each project budget, develop, and analyze the best solutions for your end goal. When it comes to HVAC, we have a full range of capabilities in the following:


Packaged Rooftop Unit (RTU)

Packaged Rooftop Units are compact units that provides heating, ventilation, and air conditioning to the space below. These units are typically connected directly to ductwork systems and distributes conditioned air through the space and back up to the RTU. Packaged RTU’s are located outside on the roof.


Built Up Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Offering the same air conditioning and circulating job as an RTU, Built Up Air Handling Units sucks air from an interior room into another. AHU’s are installed inside the building as opposed to the roof.



HVAC Chillers are typically air and water cooled. Chillers remove heat from a liquid and pass the cooled liquid through pipes in a building. Through fan-coil units, the liquid coils in air handlers and helps dehumidify the indoor air.

Boilers use hot water distributed throughout the building’s pipes to provide heat. This system enables each room to control its heat. Boilers come in various sizes to best accommodate a wide-range of building sizes.

VAV Distribution Systems
Variable Air Volume systems vary the airflow at a consistent temperature. Rather than having the system turn off and on when it reaches a certain temperature, the VAV fan’s speed will vary to maintain a target temperature. This results in more precise room temperature control.

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