The Green Bay Packaging Project is a 566,000 + SF Manufacturing Facility in Tulsa, OK.

This was a Design Build project delivery method of construction using tilt wall and structural Steel building.

The Plumbing Scope included Warehouse break rooms and facility restrooms as well as chemical waste discharge pumps piping, Trench Drains, Area Drains, Sewage Flow meter, Natural Gas piping, Air Distribution, & Safety Eye wash stations throughout. The office is a two-story office with motile restrooms, kitchens, & Break areas.

The HVAC Scope included Air Turn over units, Radiant Tube Heaters, Split Systems, HVLS Fans, Louvers, Air Hoods & RTU’s. The office area included RTU’s , Split Systems, & Data Air HVAC as well as exhaust.


Project Manager: Michael Armer


Journeyman Plumber & Foreman: Leonard Copeland ; 2nd Year Apprentice Plumber: John Reschick


4th Year Apprentice Plumber: Shane Burns


4th Year Apprentice Plumber: John Boone


Journeyman Plumber: Archie Gamble