My name is Gabriel Castro, I was born in Temuco, Chile, but grew up in the beautiful patagonian town of Coyhaique, Chile. A lifetime of being a soccer player, particularly the team captain of my college team, has taught me the importance of collaboration and helped me to develop leadership skills. These skills led me to begin my university career at Universidad de la Frontera in Temuco, Chile, and eventually to where I am now: finishing that degree at UALR. A fascination for understanding how machines work has defined my educational experience and led me to pursue Mechanical Engineering. The same spark of curiosity led me to take up tennis less than two years ago, a hobby I enjoy several nights out of each week.

I come from a family of professionals— my mother a physical therapist with a PhD in Neurology, my uncle is the chair of the systems engineering department at my previous university, and my grandfather a successful civil engineer and a real estate investor–and I look forward to growing and honoring this legacy. As a mechanical engineer I plan to learn from the best in the industry, taking advantage of every opportunity to increase my knowledge and gain a better understanding of not only the machines my studies address but also of the different teams of people involved.

I plan to pursue a Master’s in Business Administration when the time is right after graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. This degree will enable me to leverage the skills that I have for profit, and to make a difference in the business community. My particular interests within the scope of engineering include the evolution of manufacturing technologies, and the application of mechanical engineering in the field of architecture and construction.