Some plumbing problems are inevitable, but some can easily be avoided.

Better Homes and Gardens lists four common mistakes people make that could ruin your plumbing, including:

1.     “Flushing items down the toilet”

Toilets are meant to flush toilet paper and human waste. Flushing anything else- even flushable wipes- can cause a problem.

2.     “Grease, oil, fat”

Putting grease, oil or fat down the drain could eventually lead to a blockage, as it will solidify in the pipes and catch passing food.

3.     “Not clearing gutters”

Blocked gutters can lead to a number of problems, so be sure to clean them out as needed.

4.     “Ignoring small problems”

Fix small blockages as soon as you notice them because small problems can soon turn into bigger problems like leaking or flooding.


Popular Mechanics also lists several common plumbing mistakes, including:

1.     “Forgetting to remove the disposal plug”

When installing a garbage disposal, make sure to remove the knockout plug if the disposal is to be connected to a dishwasher, otherwise, you’ll have a significant water leak.

2.     “Placing too much weight on fixtures”

Plumbing fixtures are not meant to hold weight, so avoid hanging heavy shower racks on shower heads.

3.     “Cranking on a faucet handle”

“Pushing or pulling really hard on a faucet handle when you turn it off is not going to stop a leak or a chronic drip,” and doing so could break the faucet handle.


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By being aware of these common plumbing mistakes, you may be able to avoid major problems. For those times when you do need a professional, Action Mechanical can help.