Here at Action Inc., we are committed to growing and expanding the trade-skills industry. We believe in preparing individuals for the workforce and doing so in several different ways. Over the past two years, Action Inc. has visited many schools, provided tours of the Action facility, and attended many job/career fairs. Additionally, we have partnered with various vocational, technical facilities, and foundations to create well-rounded educational programs for those interested in the industry.

Beyond career fairs and tours, Action Inc. participates in opportunities to teach and inform the younger generations. Even within junior high schools, our team will go and present to a group of students and offer early exposure to the opportunities that the trade-skill industry offers. Our goal is to begin informing students of different options at a young age so when they get to high school they can begin taking the necessary classes needed to exceed in their career goals.

When it comes to education programs, Action Inc. is set apart by our Apprenticeship Program. For those who are committed to the success of the program and learning the skills taught, we are committed to them! This looks like Action Inc. paying 100% of all tuition, books, and apprentice licenses while in the Apprentice Program.

Learn more about our apprenticeship program here!

Interested in having your school or class learn more about Action Inc.? Contact us today to discuss the opportunities of coming in for a tour or having us come out to meet and discuss our industry with your students.

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