Whether you use power tools regularly or rarely, it’s important to review basic tool safety.  Becoming too comfortable around tools and equipment can lead to serious accidents. Here are 5 basic safety tips to remember the next time you’re handling power tools.

1) Only operate tools according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
This includes a tool’s functionality and the conditions in which it should be used.

2) Care for tools properly.
Proper care such as sharpening and lubrication or changing out accessories will translate into proper operation and reduce accidents.

3) Dress properly.
Avoid wearing loose clothing or jewelry that can get caught in moving parts and remember to always wear proper protective eye wear and ear protection.

4) Keep power cords and air hoses up and out of the way.
Disorganized power cords and hoses can become tangled, caught in other moving parts or tools and are a tripping hazard.

5) Avoid accidental operation.
When handling power tools, don’t hold your fingers over the switch or power button. Accidentally powering up the tool could lead to serious accident or injury.