Action Inc. offers a wide variety of additional training for its apprentices.

In the plumbing trades we enroll and monitor all apprentices’ progress in state accredited schools in the state and area of their residence.

In the sheet metal trades, Action Inc. has the only State of Arkansas accredited sheet metal apprenticeship program in our region. This program is governed by the Arkansas Dept. of Labor. This program is taught by our longtime employee Fred Moreton. Fred has been certified by the State of Arkansas as an instructor for the sheet metal trades.

Taking a pro-active approach to offset our industry’s diminishing supply of qualified craftsmen; Action Inc. has made the commitment to provide additional quarterly training over and beyond what is dictated by the jurisdictions that we do business in for all of our apprentices.

We have structured our training to cover a broad scope of 4 major topics as follows.

1)      Spring Class  (plans, specs and submittals)

2)      Summer Class (layout, Shop simulated projects and welding)

3)      Fall Class  (Safety taught by our Safety Coordinator and other qualified  professionals as needed)

4)      Winter Class  (supplier oriented to provide hands on information for the product that may represent and products that we install)

Our quarterly training is only possible due to the commitment of our company’s President Alan P. Wright, our company’s Vice President Clint V. Elliot and a team of dedicated volunteers that willingly give up 4 Saturdays per year to help our company take a leadership role to meet our industry’s ever changing needs.

Anyone interested in attending or participating in one of our upcoming programs that we offer throughout the year are more than welcome. If so, feel free to contact one of the following committee members: Kenny Brown, Jason Deblock, Michael Armer, Andy Moreton, Fred Moreton, Jerry Southerland, Donny Cook, Larry Collins, Jackie Moeller, William Lomon or Ray Fryar.