Premium amounts will increase slightly beginning 12-1-15, but Good news, Action Inc. has made changes that will allow the cost to employees to remain the same for the benefit year beginning 12-1-15.  One of the changes includes termination of the long term disability benefit.  Medical insurance will remain with Qualchoice of Arkansas.  Dental and Vision insurance will remain with Guardian Insurance.  Additional life insurance will remain with The Standard Life Insurance company.

Open enrollment will begin soon.  New this year – on line open enrollment.   Employees will access a web site and complete the forms.  Due to changes in the insurance laws, additional information will be required to complete open enrollment at 12-1-15.  The additional information will include listing all family members and if the family member is enrolled in another plan, information about that plan.

This is the time to enroll, make changes to plans, change dependents or family members, and make changes to beneficiaries.   Watch for an announcement that the web site is live.  The next opportunity to enroll will be open enrollment 12-1-16, unless you have a major family event (birth of child, divorce or death in the family, Loss of other insurance)


401K Enrollment

401K Open Enrollment will begin in the month of December, effective January 1.  To enroll you must be 18 years old and be employed by Action, Inc. for 6 full months.  Action, Inc. matches 40% of every dollar you contribute!  More information will be coming soon.