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Jonesboro High School
















Jonesboro High School, is a 3 story 74,000 square foot addition with an existing kitchen remodel. This is all at the high school campus.

17 month project started in February 2021 and will end on July 2022.

We are doing the plumbing only.



Team Members

(Above) Left to right is Jimmy Ivy Master Plumber & Foreman, Colton Binkley 3rd Year Apprentice, and Tyler Binkley 3rd Year Apprentice

(Left) Trent Keller, Project Manager























Arkansas Art Center
















The Arkansas Art center is a renovation project of the original building built in 1937. The original entrance was preserved, and the building encapsulated this making it a focal point. The building is a 130,531 square foot facility with a state-of-the-art HVAC system. This system must operate within a plus or minus one-degree setpoint of the temperature and humidity to protect the artwork. The project also has a radiant floor system suppling both heating and cooling for the blossom area consisting of 36,000 feet piping in the slab. There are classrooms for forging, pottery, woodworking, welding, and painting. There are also two full kitchens and a bar to serve the restaurant inside the blossom area.

This Project started in 9-9-2019 and has a grand opening date of January 2022. Action is currently demobilizing and preparing for the final commissioning of this project.

Our crew peaked out at 25 men for both mechanical and plumbing



Team Members

Ray Neighbors (Foreman), Erik Williams (Foreman), Doug Griffin (Foreman), Andrew Hallman, Dayton Deboard, Thomas Livezey, Dusty Griffin, Ryan Nichols, Cecil Griffin, Kevin Deboard, Matthew Zachary, Clint Williams, James Powell, Gary Roberts, David Guajardo, Justin Driggers, Chad Johnson, Gary Roberts, James Wilson, Oscar Moreno, Phillip Holloway, Josh Nichols, Andre Winston, Randy Roberts, Dillon Eubanks, Benjamin Oliver, Thomas Kennedy, Dwayne Graham, Nathan Gaston, Curtis Bell, Thomas Rangel, Tony Halterman, Tyler Yeoman, Zach Wilson, Nicholas Scott, Caleb Freeman


University of Arkansas Student Success Center – Fayetteville, Arkansas


Project Specs: Fayetteville, Arkansas
Architect: Core Architects
MEP Engineer: Bernhard TME
General Contractor: VCC

UA Student Success is a 4 story 71,000 Square foot building located in the heart of the University of Arkansas off of Campus Drive. It is a HVAC System using two 12,000 CFM Massive DOAS Units, and an Active Chilled Beam System(over 375 units) that utilizes Chilled Water, Heating Water and is reduced down to Blended systems throughout the building. Its Architecture is matched to the adjacent historical building that have been around for a very long time. We have had the pleasure of working with one of the best design teams, from the Architect(Core Architects) and Engineer(Bernhard TME) , to the General Contractor(VCC) and all of our great subcontractors and vendors. Helping us pull this off is one of our great foremen Jerry Southerland. Jerrys attention to detail and leadership adds unmatched value on a project like this. Our team is proud to be selected as the job of the quarter.                                              























Team Members

Action Project Manager: Donny Cook Action Superintendent & Journeyman Plumber: Jerry Southerland Action Journeyman Plumbers: John Connolly, Cory Post, Bobby House, David Taylor, Nathan Collins, Jason Slocum, Brandon Halsey, Kenny Snell Action Apprentice Plumbers: Julio Maldonado, Bryce Plymale, Daniel Munoz, Orion Leach, Anderson Granados

Superintendent & Journeyman Plumber: Jerry Southerland

Project Manager: Danny Cook


WPX-Energy Building – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Project Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma Architect: BB+M, PLLC of Charlotte, North Carolina MEP Engineer: BW&A General Contractor: Flintco


This new multi-story project in downtown is certainly drawing a lot of attention in the Tulsa area. This project is a total of 542,219 sq. ft of prime office space in the heart of town. It consists virtually of a North tower that will be eleven stories at a whopping 177’ in height, a South tower that will be 6 stories tall, 2 level underground parking, and 5 level above grade parking structure with a total of 655 parking spaces. These structures are positioned on the lot to allow for a great Plaza area with landscaping, fountains, tree’s and plenty of patio surrounding the building.

We were fortunate enough to secure a contract on the plumbing and piping only, although this was substantial amounting to a contract consisting of 13,300 plus hours of work to be done. Considering that most of the space is to be tenants space, the project has already grown in scope, to date we have submitted additional pricing that may result in an additional 3,500 man hours in change orders just adding the core and shell finishes and the additional Plaza work to be completed. Our project Foreman is Jason Nauman who is working hand in hand with Flintco, Integrated Design LLC., and all other trades, as this is an all concrete structure requiring the upmost attention to layout and coordination through all phases of the project. Jason has done a phenomenal job coordinating and planning all the details required for a project this size. It is Obvious that Jason has much knowledge in our trade and performs above and beyond what is required, taking great pride in the product he & his crews produce for our customers.














Action Project Manager: Brian Francis Action Journeyman Plumber & Foreman: Jason Nauman Action Journeyman Plumber: David Nauman Action Apprentices: Caleb Smith, Michael Sturdevant, Journey Apprentice: Clayton Reynolds




ASU Windgate – Jonesboro, Arkansas

Project Specs:
Jonesboro, Arkansas

This project is taking place on Arkansas State’s Campus. The building being constructed is for 3D art work which includes wood working, pottery and sculptures. The contract is worth 1.7 million and Action is doing both the plumbing and the mechanical.

General Contractor: Clark Contractors
Action Project Manager: Trent Keller
Action Job Superintendent & Journeyman Plumber: Mark Ivy
Action Apprentices: Tyler Binkley, Colton Binkley, Brandon Benton, Quoshon Gillespie, Drake Evans, Kody Anderson, Oliver McNabb

Superintendent & Journeyman Plumber: Mark Ivy

Project Manager: Trent Keller


Apprentices: Tyler Binkley, Colton Binkley, Brandon Benton, Quoshon Gillespie, Drake Evans.

Apprentice: Kody Anderson

Apprentice: Oliver McNabb






Oaklawn Expansion – Hot Springs, Arkansas

            Oaklawn Expansion 2019-2021 Hot Springs, AR Action provided the Plumbing and HVAC Piping on the Oaklawn Expansion. The expansion consists of a Casino Expansion 27,735 SF, 8 Story Hotel 148,094 SF, and a Convention Center 46,779 SF

Plumbing system consist of:

  • -Sanitary Sewer
  • -Grease Waste
  • -Storm Drains
  • -Natural Gas
  • -Chill Water
  • -2 full kitchens


Equipment consist of:

  • -Multiple Roof Top Units
  • -2 mechanical rooms – Chiller, Pumps, Dom.
  • -6 Intellihot Tankless Water Heaters
  • -2 – 5,000 Gallon Grease Traps


General Contractor: Flintco
Owner: Oaklawn Jockey Club
Action PM: Trent Keller/Ray Kesterson
Action Job Superintendents: Josh Walker/Todd Biles
Action Plumbers: 20-30 JP /AP combined
Subcontractors: Core Insulation, MAR Fisher



Team Members

Project Manager: Trent Keller

Project Manager: Ray Kesterson


Front to Back, Left to Right

1 – Todd Biles, Josh Walker, KC McClain, Logan Walker, James Creager, Collin Yandell, Brandon Benton
2 – Warren Cox, Frank Bailey, Robert Smith, Matt Young, Tyler Yoeman, Drake Evans, Quoshon Gillespie
3 – Derrick Woods, Kevin DeBoard, Andre Winston, Tony Halterman, Asher King, Hunter Rice, Tyler Brinkley, Cody Brinkley, Tom Davis
Not pictured – Tyler Douglas



Marshals Museum – Fort Smith, Arkansas

Action provided the plumbing and HVAC on the Marshals Museum. The museum is a 52,000 square-foot building. There were mechanical systems installed which included packaged AHU from 75-20 ton with hot water reheat VAV, condensing boilers, variable speed pumps, radiant finn tube heaters and 15 ton split system AC with hot water heating coils. Plumbing systems included over 50 plumbing fixtures, full kitchen and roof/overflow drains.

United States Marshals Museum

  • CDI General Contractor
  • Bernhard TME Mechanical Engineer
  • Polk Stanley Wilcox Architects


Project Team Members

Project Manager: Jamie Wright
Superintendent: Jerry Southerland
Apprentice Plumber: Jorge Gomez
Key Staff: Bobby House; George Gomez Major Subs: Northwest Arkansas Sheet Metal; Harrison Energy Partners; Core Insulation



Block 44

Block 44 is a 107,000 square feet, 6 story multi-use space downtown Tulsa overlooking ONEOK Field. It involved a two-pipe system (constant volume unit, boiler reheat).

Customer: The Ross Group
Foreman: Jason Nauman/Leonard Copeland
Project Manager: Michael Armer


Project Team Members: Jason Nauman: Foreman & Master Plumber; Leonard Copeland: Foreman & Apprentice Plumber; Glen Wagner: Apprentice Plumber; Montana Tassey: Apprentice Plumber; Pablo Garcia: Apprentice Plumber; Phillip McKinzie: Journeyman Plumber; Scotty Shaver: Apprentice Plumber


Bank of the Ozarks, Corporate Office:

On November 1st the entire CAD department visited some of the jobs they helped create.


From left to right: Allan Heffley, Kent McClain, Ryan Smith, Evan Hartzell, Cody Moreton, Chad Moreton.
Allan, Cody, and Chad are from the Barling office and Kent, Evan, and Ryan (CAD Mgr) are from the LR office.  


Premier Medical:


Pine Lane Therapy & Living Center – Mountain Home, Arkansas

The Pine Lane Therapy and Living Center is a 140-bed, long-term living and care facility, located in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Action provided the plumbing for the 63,600 square-foot building.

This project started in late 2017 and is set to finish later this month.

Start Date: Late 2017
Completion: Estimated for the end of September 2019
Contract: Ramson; $805,000 – plumbing only
Project Manager: Trent Keller
Foreman: James Rutherford
Journeyman: Bobby Cupp
Apprentices: Brandon Benton, Oliver McNabb, Colton Binkley, & Tyler Binkley





(Left Photograph) Project Manager: Trent Keller
(Right Photograph) Left to right: Colton Binkley (Apprentice Plumber); Bobby Cupp (Journeyman Plumber); Brandon Benton (Apprentice Plumber); Blake Rutherford (Journeyman Plumber & Foreman); Oliver McNabb (Apprentice Plumber); and Tyler Binkley (Apprentice Plumber).


Fairfield Inn – Little Rock, AR

The Fairfield Inn in Little Rock, AR, is a 114-room, wood-structure hotel with an indoor pool and kitchen. The domestic hot water is supplied by 13 200,000 btu instantaneous water heaters sending 140-degree water to the kitchen and 110 degree to the rooms. There are two roof-top, fresh-air unites serving the building along with seven split systems serving the common areas. Each room is heated and cooled by a wall-mounted, motion-activated P-Tac unit.

We began this project on July 10, 2018 and just completed it.

University of Arkansas Stadium Drive Residence Hall

The University of Arkansas Stadium Drive Residence Hall hydronic utility project supplied chilled and heating water from the central utility supply lines to the new dormitory buildings being constructed on campus. With the two dormitory building being built in unison with the utility work, it proved to be challenging. Two 16” chilled water service lines had to be tied onto, to provide the 12” service and two 12” heating water service lines had to be tied into to provide the 8” service weaving through existing services. Following safety protocol by all involved resulted in a successful injury free project.

We began this project in June 2018 and finished in December 2018. There was over 400’ of trenching, compiling over 1600 LF of piping.

UAMS Family Medical Center

The UAMS Family Medical Center is a 30,000 square-foot, 10.5 million dollar facility.  The new facility will have 48 exam rooms, 4 patient-center team work areas, a lab, X-ray facilities and patient consulting rooms. Construction began July 2016 and the facility is estimated to be complete July 2017.

Conway Baptist Hospital

Conway Baptist Hospital is a 262,000 square-foot, 130-room hospital. It has 8 operating rooms and 2 delivery rooms. The building has 1,200 tons of cooling and is already built for future expansion. Construction started in October of 2014 and the main hospital was completed August 18, 2016.



Hunt Tower & Mechanical Building

Hunt Tower is a 10-story Class A office building. Action-Mechanical is providing all the HVAC and plumbing for the project. This will be a LEED certified building. HVAC system is a variable speed water source heat pump with wireless controls.

Windstream Data Center – Little Rock, AR