The University of Arkansas Stadium Drive Residence Hall hydronic utility project supplied chilled and heating water from the central utility supply lines to the new dormitory buildings being constructed on campus. With the two dormitory building being built in unison with the utility work, it proved to be challenging. Two 16” chilled water service lines had to be tied onto, to provide the 12” service and two 12” heating water service lines had to be tied into to provide the 8” service weaving through existing services. Following safety protocol by all involved resulted in a successful injury free project.

We began this project in June 2018 and finished in December 2018. There was over 400’ of trenching, compiling over 1600 LF of piping.

Start Date: June 2018
Completed: December 2018
Project Manager: Donny Cook
Assistant Project Manager: Josh Gilchrist
Foreman: Errick Ellington
Welders: Keith Ray, Russ Massey, David Silkowski
Pipefitter: Paul Brown