Action Inc. is proud to be one of the largest Mechanical Contractors in Arkansas and surrounding regions. Our highly-skilled and experienced team entered the Mechanical Contracting business in 1981 with starting the Action Inc. office in Barling, Arkansas. Since then, the company has expanded with branch offices in Rogers, Jonesboro & Maumelle, Arkansas and Tulsa, Oklahoma. The extensive range of expertise offered by Action Inc. gives clients the ability to successfully complete projects with ease and peace of mind. But what exactly does the role of a mechanical contractor entail?

When you hire Action Inc. as your project’s mechanical contractor, you are hiring on a team that is committed to excellence, integrity, and thoroughness. Our mechanical contractors and engineers design, build, and maintain a variety of processes within a construction project. Whether it’s heating, cooling, hydronic piping, plumbing, fabrication, BIM or trimble, Action Inc. will supervise the planning, production, and instillation of the systems.

The role of Action Inc. as your mechanical contractor is multi-faceted. We serve in a supervisor capacity to oversee the mechanical teams and ensure that every system project is completed smoothly. In addition to the physical construction and installation of a project, Action Inc. is committed to providing constructive feedback on project budgeting, development, and value analysis.

Are you looking for a mechanical contractor to help complete the essential aspects of your project? Contact Action Inc. today!


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