Action Inc. is made up of various talented and hardworking individuals who make projects come to life. From apprentices to project managers, each role is crucial to the completion and success of each project. Today, we’re talking all about Foremen and their role in the mechanical contractor process.


What are Foremen? 

Formen play a critical role in the communication and productivity of a project. They serve as the middleman between upper management and the field crew while ensuring the team is executing a high standard of work quality. A Foreman is a central leader on a project, balancing people and project deadlines.


Who makes a successful Foreman? 

As a leader and point-of-contact for projects, a successful Foreman is one who is qualified and knowledgeable about not only their role but every team member’s role and the overall project timeline and goals. Being a strong communicator, a balanced leader, and an organized individual helps establish a successful Foreman.


A strong communicator

When you’re working with a large and diverse team, it’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page. This comes with over-communicating project details and expectations as well as routinely checking in on the project timeline, team progress, and any possible delays.

A balanced leader

Handling a large team and a high-priority project can be overwhelming at times. This is why a successful Foreman must be able to balance priorities as well as understand the team’s capacities. By considering the goal of the project, the safety of the team, and the overall budget, a balanced project out-look helps maintain timely deadlines.

An organized individual

As stated above, being the middleman and an overseer can bring a lot of different responsibilities. Staying organized on timelines, budget, changing information, and project expectations help ensure the overall cohesion of the project and its team members.


Here at Action Inc., we are so thankful for our incredible Foremen! They truly are the cream of the crop and we are amazed at all they can do.

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