The Arkansas Art center is a renovation project of the original building built in 1937. The original entrance was preserved, and the building encapsulated this making it a focal point. The building is a 130,531 square foot facility with a state-of-the-art HVAC system. This system must operate within a plus or minus one-degree setpoint of the temperature and humidity to protect the artwork. The project also has a radiant floor system suppling both heating and cooling for the blossom area consisting of 36,000 feet piping in the slab. There are classrooms for forging, pottery, woodworking, welding, and painting. There are also two full kitchens and a bar to serve the restaurant inside the blossom area.

This Project started in 9-9-2019 and has a grand opening date of January 2022. Action is currently demobilizing and preparing for the final commissioning of this project.

Our crew peaked out at 25 men for both mechanical and plumbing


Team Members

Ray Neighbors (Foreman), Erik Williams (Foreman), Doug Griffin (Foreman), Andrew Hallman, Dayton Deboard, Thomas Livezey, Dusty Griffin, Ryan Nichols, Cecil Griffin, Kevin Deboard, Matthew Zachary, Clint Williams, James Powell, Gary Roberts, David Guajardo, Justin Driggers, Chad Johnson, Gary Roberts, James Wilson, Oscar Moreno, Phillip Holloway, Josh Nichols, Andre Winston, Randy Roberts, Dillon Eubanks, Benjamin Oliver, Thomas Kennedy, Dwayne Graham, Nathan Gaston, Curtis Bell, Thomas Rangel, Tony Halterman, Tyler Yeoman, Zach Wilson, Nicholas Scott, Caleb Freeman