Fabrication is an evolving area in the construction business that offers room for a more competitive bidding market. Action Inc. is proud to say that we entered this market in 2002 with the success of piping a project while the structure was being built.

Our goals in fabrication are to increase productivity and quality while minimizing material waste and decreasing the risk of injury to our valued workforce. We pride ourselves in being one of the leaders in utilizing technology to produce successful CAD generated fabrication for use on our projects.

With products being constructed in our 35,000 SF manufacturing facility, our team has the ability to construct in temperature and quality-controlled atmosphere. This results in an overall reduction of cost and time while increasing quality and scope. Our prefab team is highly skilled and licensed to ensure quality work in a timely manner. 

We fabricate all types of piping, hangers, and fixtures including:

-Above and below sanitary

-Roof drain systems

-Domestic water systems

-Hydronic systems

-Medical gas systems

-Mechanical rooms

-Any other support systems that may present themselves.

We at Action Inc. believe in the success and productivity that prefabrication brings to the construction industry. If you’re looking for your project to have cost and time efficiency while minimizing waste and risk of injury, Action Mechanical can help.