The Stroud High School project is a 43,500 square foot educational facility that we are performing the plumbing scope of work on for Atlas Construction.  It’s a 2 story building built into the side of a hill where, coincidentally, a high water table exists – therefore, one big aspect of this job was an extensive subsurface drainage system that was installed during the underground phase of the project.  Other notable features include 4” copper water mains, 6” low pressure gas piping system (compliments of our prefabrication shop), 200 total plumbing fixtures, a full service kitchen, agricultural education shop, and science lab – all under one roof (no separate buildings).  Also of note, ballistic wall paneling was installed behind the gypsum wall board in key locations to protect students from small caliber firearm cartridges in the event of an emergency.

Start Date: Late 2017
Estimated Completion: Mid 2019
Project Manager: Mike Armer
Assistant Project Manager: Josh Gilchrist
Foreman: Jeff Armer (Journeyman Plubmer)
Journeymen: Archie Gamble, Kris Williams
Apprentices: Mike Sturdevant, Dawson Hudson