The Bank of the Ozarks cooperate headquarters is a 245,752 square foot facility. It also has 113,275 square foot parking deck. This building has an occupancy of 3027 and will be as the Banks cooperate headquarters

This project has 1200 tons of cooling and 12,000,000 BTU of heating. The 1st phase of this project is project to last 24 months going through January of 2020.

Project Manager: Jason DeBlock

Assistant Project Manager: Katelyn Stanley

Intern: Dylan Ortman

CAD: Ryan Smith, Alan Hefley, Cody Morton, Terry Brinkley and Chad Morton

Plumbing Foreman: Doug Griffin

Mechanical Foreman: Ray Neighbors

Journeyman who have worked on the Project: Randy Roberts, James Davis, Michael Shrum, James Powell and Derik Woods

Apprentices: Justin Driggers, Cecil Griffin, James Wilson and Zack Wilson

Trimble Operators: Thomas Kennedy and Zack Wilson


Project crew from left to right: James Wilson (Apprentice Plumber), Randy Roberts (Journeyman Plumber), Zach Wilson (Apprentice Plumber, Jason DeBlock (Project Manager), Ray Neighbors (Welder/Pipefitter), Katelyn Stanley (Assistant Project Manager).

Tom Kennedy, Trimble Operator